In the literary section, the Flaiano Award has always been the bearer of presences of excellence in Pescara, attracting annually the interest of writers of unquestionable importance, some of which later awarded the Nobel Prize as Seamus Heaney, José Saramago, Derek Walcott, Imre Kertesz and Jean Marie Le Clézio.
The fiction Flaiano Award has been won by books and authors who have represented and represent the best of the Italian and foreign publishing offer of recent years. The Award also makes use of the judgment of the so-called "Jury of 100" who is entrusted with the task of choosing from the novels finalists the winning work of the Superflaiano Award. For ten years now, the literary prize has been enriched with a section dedicated to Italianistics that assigns the recognition to an Italian work published abroad, a further sign of the meaning and importance that the Flaiano Award has now taken on.
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