The Mediamuseum, the national museum of cinema, was founded in Pescara in 1995 on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the history of cinema. The availability of new premises has allowed the further expansion of the film, theatre and television exhibition.

mediamuseum 1

The Mediamuseum, a multimedia place of great charm, able to link the past and the present with the future of the audiovisual image, does not propose itself to the visitor simply as a collection of memory finds but as a pulsating centre of activity, which hosts daily film workshops, theatre courses and meetings on the performing arts.

The Mediamuseum also hosts the Mediamuseum Project for children held by actors, entertainers, artists with a varied program that includes:

  • Puppet Shows
  • Animated Readings
  • Tales told
  • Video animation proposals
  • Shows that combine cinema and theatre
The activities are also carried out in the morning, at the request of kindergarten and primary school, as well as periodically in the afternoon several times a month.

The Mediamuseum is located in Pescara in Piazza Emilio Alessandrini 34.