The Media Library is a multimedia container that has become the center for the collection of documents and film memorabilia with a section specifically dedicated to the relationship between cinema and the Abruzzo region.
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The only media library currently operating in the Abruzzo Region, of great importance for its contribution to the promotion of the film culture even beyond the borders of our region.

The media library houses the video library, the library, the newspaper library, the photo library, the poster library and the film and theatre workshops, and provides a service that sees its endowment grow and its use by the public, among which there are many lovers of the subject, young people in particular.

The media library also houses the Fondo Manfredo Acerbo with posters, flyers and sketches signed by the artist himself, and the Fondo Cauti-De Pompeis, with catalogues, booklets, notes and audio tapes belonging to Lorenzo De Pompeis.

The video library collects audiovisual documents in VHS, DVD, Betacam, U-matic, miniDV, DVCAM format and is equipped with multiple viewing points, both individual and collective, each equipped with video player, monitor and headset. In addition, the main hall has been equipped with a Blu-Ray digital projector, with the possibility of 3D projections. The video library contains about 15,000 titles, ranging from the most important works in the history of cinema to the most recent productions.

There are also films from the various editions of the International Festival Cinematografico "Scrittura e Immagine", all short films and documentaries of the Festival del Cortometraggio "Scrittura e Immagine", the various works of the Spazio Abruzzo section and audio and audiovisual documents on a regional, national and international scale. There is also a large number of audiovisuals documenting the history of television and theatre, in the various formats VHS, Betacam and U-matic.

It should be noted that the resources of the media library allows the realization of events of international importance that make the city of Pescara a landmark.

The newspaper library is equipped with both Italian and foreign professional magazines that provide a global view of the reality of the entertainment industry.

The library, specialized in the various fields of entertainment, also includes press reviews and press-books, all available for consultation on site.

The photo library contains images of all the cultural initiatives linked to the Flaiano International Awards and the International Festival Cinematografico "Scrittura e Immagine", while the poster library contains posters, and other material linked to the film programs. The archive of the media library also manages paper and electronic documentation relating to conferences, exhibitions, seminars, audiovisual exhibitions and other regional initiatives.

The workshop is the space where you work on your ideas with practical, where internships are organized with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The workshop is equipped with professional video camera, mounting station, video recorders, and video players. The workshop equipment can be used both on-site and off-site according to specific agreements.

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The didactic value of the structure has allowed in the last five years the activation of about one hundred and fifty laboratories with a total of more than 2000 participants. In addition, since 2016, specific teaching workshops on cinematographic and multimedia language have been activated.

Within the activities of the media library, the organization of a "videoforum" is planned, that is, the audiovisual reviews with screenings on the big screen of feature films, short films, documentaries with programming of masterpieces of the history of cinema and television, personal reviews of individual authors, thematic reviews and theater on television.

The immediate development program is focused on the strengthening of the Media Library through the acquisition of at least a thousand other titles in DVD and other formats. For the library, we plan to acquire another five hundred volumes of a specialist nature. Another area to be strengthened is the archival and documentary sector.

The Media Library service is reserved for museum visitors and holders of the Flaiano Club card.
The material is available by appointment, Monday to Friday, 10.30-12.30 and 17.00-19.00


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